Saturday, January 7, 2012

Native Flowers of Cyprus

Cyprus is an Island situated in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. A few thousand species of plants and flowers can be found in Cyprus. Some of the flowers have been brought to the island from different places like China, USA and Australia. There are also some flowers, which grow naturally in the region. Some of the native flowers of Cyprus are discussed below.
Cyprus Cyclamen
The flower can be found in the woodland of Cyprus. It is national flower of Cyprus. It has 5 upswept petals, which are pink, red or white in color. It has a sweet scent and blooms during the autumn season.
This flower is also native to Cyprus. It can be found in different colors like red or white but often has a round yellow center. The flower blooms late in December.
One can find different daisy varieties in Cyprus. The flower covers vast fields on the island. Different types of daisies bloom in different seasons. For example the sunray or moonbeam daisy blooms in the summer season whereas the snow bank or purple dome blooms in autumn.
Giant Orchid
The giant orchid is commonly found in North Cyprus. The flower is very large and has a strong fragrance. There are different colors of this flower including dark pink, purple and whitish green. It starts to bloom from mid-February.
Cyprus Tulip
As is evident from the name, Cyprus tulip is native to Cyprus. It is a dark red flower that can be found in the Akamas peninsula. It has 6 oval petals that are slightly pointed and are bordered by yellow. One can see the blossoms in March and April. The Cyprus Tulip is protected by the government and picking it is forbidden.
This is a fragrant flower with white petals and a narrow tube. The flower belongs to the daffodil family and blooms after the first autumn showers.
Yellow Cyprus Sun Rose
This flower can be found in the dry rocky hillsides of Northern Cyprus. It is native to Cyprus and does not occur anywhere else. The yellow Cyprus sun rose grows from hairy buds to a pale yellow flower. The flower blooms from February to May.
Cyprus Crocus
This is a fragrant flower with six segments. The segments are white with a violet stripe. It is found on the northern slopes of the Kyrenia range and blooms from November to January.
This flower grows in different parts of Cyprus. It is papery in texture and can range from red to orange in color. The flower generally blooms in spring.

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