Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 7 Fragrant Flowers

There are some flowers which are not only beautiful but quite fragrant as well. Such flowers are thus, a treat for one's senses and make the surroundings more pleasant. Therefore, fragrant flowers are often planted in gardens and put in bouquets so that people can enjoy their scent. Some of the highly fragrant flowers are mentioned below.
Aside from their beauty, roses are also famous for their fragrance. There are many perfumes created from the essence of roses. However, nowadays the commercial breeders of roses emphasize on appearance of roses rather than their fragrance. Thus, there is only a hint of the fragrance in such roses. On the other hand, garden roses still have their sweet and spicy scent.
Lavenders are tiny purple flowers with a rich fragrance. The fragrance of lavenders is commonly used in perfumes, colognes, bath oils, soaps and other body care products. Moreover, lavender oil is used for aromatherapy due to the calming effect of the scent of this flower. Besides the flowers, the leaves of lavender are also very fragrant.
Jasmines are white flowers popular all over the world for their strong fragrance. In fact, they are widely cultivated for their scent. Jasmine oil is used in perfumes and cosmetics all over the world.
Gardenias are small white flowers with a sweet and strong scent. Although gardenias are quite beautiful, they are grown primarily for their fragrance. The scent of the flower is like that of a jasmine.
Winter Honeysuckles
Winter honeysuckles are the most fragrant species of honeysuckles. The fragrance fills up the air during the winter months. Although the flowers are quite small in size, they have a powerful scent, which can be detected from miles away. The flowers have a lemony scent, which fills up the air during December and January.
Lilacs have a strong intoxicating fragrance. The fragrance is frequently used in candles, perfumes and skin care products. Among the various types of lilacs available, the white lilacs have the sweetest scent. The scent of lilacs can be smelled in the early months of summer.
Sweet Peas
Sweet peas have a unique fragrance due to which, they are popular all over the world. They have gotten their name due to their sweet fragrance. However, the intensity of the fragrance of sweet peas varies with factors like heat, rainfall, time of the day and age of the flower.

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