Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flowers of Israel

Israel is situated in the Middle East and borders the Mediterranean Sea. The country has several native flowers. Some of them are known for their beauty and fragrance while others are famous for their medicinal qualities. Moreover, the country is one of the leading exporters of flowers in the world. However, the country does not have any national flower. Detailed information regarding some of the flowers of Israel can be found below.
Madonna Lily
The Madonna lily is native to the Mediterranean region. It was dedicated to Virgin Mary by early Christians due to its pure white color. Its white color has also made it a symbol of purity. The flower also has a sweet scent. The blooming period of this flower occurs in June and July. It has medicinal characteristics and is used for pain and inflammation reduction.
Crown Anemone
It is among Israel's most common wild flowers. Besides growing in woodlands and scrublands, the flower flourishes in the desert environment also. Its petals form a crown-like shape due to which, it has gotten its name. The petals come in different colors but the most common color is red. The blooming period of this flower extends from December to April.
Common Narcissus
The common narcissus is a fragrant winter flower found in Israel. It belongs to the daffodil family but is quite small as compared to the more popular daffodil species. However, it is the most fragrant flower in the daffodil family. The blooming period of the flower occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Corn Poppy
This flower is native to Israel and other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It grows on the coast and the base of Mount Hermon. The flower grows in bunches with bright red petals and black stamen. It blossoms every year from March to May.
Persian Cyclamen
This flower is native to Israel, Jordan and Southern Turkey. It can also be found in Algeria and Tunisia as well as the Greek Islands of Crete, Rhodes and Karpathos. The flower has five twisted petals, which can be white or pink. It is the parent species of the cultivated cyclamen. The flower blooms from winter to spring.
Shepherd's Purse
The flower got its name due to its purse-like pods. It is native to Asia Minor as well as eastern Europe. The flower is white in color and has four petals. Unlike many other flowers, it grows throughout the year. The flower has medicinal value and is used for to stop bleeding. It is also made into an ointment, which can be applied on cuts and wounds.
There are numerous other flower varieties found in Israel. One can also find different varieties of roses, daisies and Irises in the country.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flowers of Egypt

Located in South Africa, Egypt has a rather hot and dry climate with a number of flower shops scattered around. The River Nile provides lush and fertile grounds for growing flowers and it is along its banks that a large amount of flower gardens are found. Flowers are of great importance to Egypt's economy as it is known for exporting its beautiful flowers in many varieties. In fact, approximately 600 tons of flowers are exported annually only to Europe.
Flowers have been of great significance in Egypt since ancient times and were used for multiple purposes. Their strong scent was believed to signify the presence of a god and they were given as gifts of love and worship to lovers and gods. Large floral bouquets and wreaths were popular offerings made to gods. Flowers were also used by Egyptians in their poetry, paintings and architecture. Egyptians used to adorn themselves with flowers in the form of garlands on their head and neck as well as their hair. The main decoration of the house was considered to be flowers and was an important aspect of daily life.
Fresh flower arrangements were adored by all Egyptians who are known as the first people were formally arranging flowers for presentation. Like everything in Egypt was done according to symbolization, flowers were given different meanings as well. Each arrangement was then made according to what it is meant to represent and reflect. Flowers were a great part of Egyptian culture and each arrangement was made specifically according to its symbolization.
The Egyptians considered the Lotus, Water Lily and Papyrus as their most sacred and meaningful flowers. The Lotus was considered the first amongst flowers and the Egyptians used to sing songs for this special flower on parties and events. There was a special feast in the name of this flower called the 'Feast of Lotus' where a special silver pot in the shape of the Lotus flower was held along with a candle burning in the middle. This pot was taken to the River Nile while dreaming a special dream in your heart and if the candle continued to float once placed in the River your dream would come true.
The Water Lily is of great importance for the Egyptians as well and was seen as image of rebirth and regeneration. This was because the Water Lily opens up its petals in the morning and closes them at night. The Egyptians considered this as a symbol of the deceased entering the underworlds and then into a new life.
The Papyrus was considered as a symbol of fertility and life itself. It was a part of the offering that the deceased used to take with themselves to the grave. The Papyrus was most popularly used for the purpose of writing. Other than that, it was used to build beds, chairs, tables and different types of furniture as well as mats, baskets and sandals. The Papyrus was also a source of food, medicine and perfume.
Thus, it can be seen how important flowers are in Egypt not only today, but in ancient Egypt as well. They have great significance, uses and are an important trade item for the Egyptians. Even today you will be able to find a number of flower shops scattered all around Egypt.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flowers of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation located in South Africa. It is bordered by Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. The country is mostly covered with savanna grasslands. However, there are forests and mountains in the eastern part of the country. Numerous flowers grow in Zimbabwe. Some of the flowers of Zimbabwe are discussed in detail below.
Flame Lily.
It is Zimbabwe's national flower. The flower has numerous other names including fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, climbing lily, creeping lily and superb lily. It grows in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The flower has a cup-like shape with the tips and edges of its petals curling backwards. The color of the flower ranges from bright yellow to dark red. The flower is poisonous if ingested. Moreover, contact with its stem or leaves can result in skin irritation.
Wild Hibiscus
This is an extremely fragile flower and lasts for just one day. Its color can be either yellow or pink. The flower can be found in the savanna areas of South Africa and tropical zones across the rest of Africa. It has been named after Dr. Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler, who was the director of the Royal Botanical Garden of Berlin. He initiated a botanical exploration in Africa.
Leopard Orchid
The leopard orchid grows in Zimbabwe and other tropical areas of Africa. It is yellow in color with brown spots on its petals. The flower has a very pleasant smell. It is named after John Ansell, who found the first specimen of this flower.
Devil's Thorn.
The flower and the plant can be found in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and other parts of the Northern Province of South Africa. The flower has the shape of a trumpet and is pinkish mauve in color.
River Crinum Lily
It is bell-shaped and is available in pink and white. It grows in East and South Africa. The flower is named after the English botanist Peter MacOwan, who took great interest in the flower.
Lavender Star Flower
This flower is native Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well as other parts of South Africa. It can be found growing in rocky places. The flower is small and star-shaped. The color of the flower can be either pink or mauve. The plant is usually used for landscaping as it attracts butterflies and other animals. It can also be easily made into a bonsai.
Apart from them, one can find several other flowers in Zimbabwe. Some of these are crocosmia and Barberton daisy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Native Flowers of Cyprus

Cyprus is an Island situated in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. A few thousand species of plants and flowers can be found in Cyprus. Some of the flowers have been brought to the island from different places like China, USA and Australia. There are also some flowers, which grow naturally in the region. Some of the native flowers of Cyprus are discussed below.
Cyprus Cyclamen
The flower can be found in the woodland of Cyprus. It is national flower of Cyprus. It has 5 upswept petals, which are pink, red or white in color. It has a sweet scent and blooms during the autumn season.
This flower is also native to Cyprus. It can be found in different colors like red or white but often has a round yellow center. The flower blooms late in December.
One can find different daisy varieties in Cyprus. The flower covers vast fields on the island. Different types of daisies bloom in different seasons. For example the sunray or moonbeam daisy blooms in the summer season whereas the snow bank or purple dome blooms in autumn.
Giant Orchid
The giant orchid is commonly found in North Cyprus. The flower is very large and has a strong fragrance. There are different colors of this flower including dark pink, purple and whitish green. It starts to bloom from mid-February.
Cyprus Tulip
As is evident from the name, Cyprus tulip is native to Cyprus. It is a dark red flower that can be found in the Akamas peninsula. It has 6 oval petals that are slightly pointed and are bordered by yellow. One can see the blossoms in March and April. The Cyprus Tulip is protected by the government and picking it is forbidden.
This is a fragrant flower with white petals and a narrow tube. The flower belongs to the daffodil family and blooms after the first autumn showers.
Yellow Cyprus Sun Rose
This flower can be found in the dry rocky hillsides of Northern Cyprus. It is native to Cyprus and does not occur anywhere else. The yellow Cyprus sun rose grows from hairy buds to a pale yellow flower. The flower blooms from February to May.
Cyprus Crocus
This is a fragrant flower with six segments. The segments are white with a violet stripe. It is found on the northern slopes of the Kyrenia range and blooms from November to January.
This flower grows in different parts of Cyprus. It is papery in texture and can range from red to orange in color. The flower generally blooms in spring.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Native Flowers of Cambodia

Cambodia is a country located in Asia' Southern Peninsula. It has a warm, tropical climate, which is perfect for the growth of various native flowers. Cambodian flowers are famous for their fragrance, beauty and symbolic meaning worldwide. A few of the native flowers of Cambodia are mentioned below.
Rumdul Flower.
The flower of the Rumdul tree is a native flower of Cambodia. It was made Cambodia's national flower in 2005. It is a small flower with three petals and a yellowish-white color. This flower is known for its fragrance that can be smelled even from a distance. In fact, women were compared to this flower due to its fragrance. It was also used for the production of lip waxes for women because of its fragrance. The flower and the tree can be seen everywhere in the country. The rumdul tree is grown in houses and parks throughout the country for decoration purposes.
The lotus thrives in the warm, tropical climate of Cambodia. Although it is India's national flower, the lotus is native to Cambodia. The flower is sacred for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is a symbol of purity and creation in Hinduism and of spiritual enlightenment and purification in Buddhism. The flower has eight white petals which open in the morning and wilt in the evening of the same day.
Orchid can be found in almost all continents of the world. It has captured the attention of many people throughout the world. In fact, it is one of the world's most exquisite flowers and many nations have adopted it as their national flower. The Asian orchid is native to Cambodia. It has three inner and outer petals, which are multicolored.
Frangipani Flower
This is another flower native to Cambodia. The petals of this flower are bright, waxy and fragrant. It is rose-pink in color with a touch of bronze. Due to its nice scent, it is often used in bouquets. The petals of the flower last for a long time especially in long, tropical climates like that of Cambodia.
Bougainvillea is actually small in size and yellow or white in color. However, each cluster is surrounded by bracts of different colors including pink, purple, red, orange, white and yellow. It flourishes in Cambodia due to the suitable climate of the country.
There are many other flowers that are grown in Cambodia. Some of them are lobster claw flower, equestrian starflower and globe amaranth flower.