Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flowers of Israel

Israel is situated in the Middle East and borders the Mediterranean Sea. The country has several native flowers. Some of them are known for their beauty and fragrance while others are famous for their medicinal qualities. Moreover, the country is one of the leading exporters of flowers in the world. However, the country does not have any national flower. Detailed information regarding some of the flowers of Israel can be found below.
Madonna Lily
The Madonna lily is native to the Mediterranean region. It was dedicated to Virgin Mary by early Christians due to its pure white color. Its white color has also made it a symbol of purity. The flower also has a sweet scent. The blooming period of this flower occurs in June and July. It has medicinal characteristics and is used for pain and inflammation reduction.
Crown Anemone
It is among Israel's most common wild flowers. Besides growing in woodlands and scrublands, the flower flourishes in the desert environment also. Its petals form a crown-like shape due to which, it has gotten its name. The petals come in different colors but the most common color is red. The blooming period of this flower extends from December to April.
Common Narcissus
The common narcissus is a fragrant winter flower found in Israel. It belongs to the daffodil family but is quite small as compared to the more popular daffodil species. However, it is the most fragrant flower in the daffodil family. The blooming period of the flower occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Corn Poppy
This flower is native to Israel and other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It grows on the coast and the base of Mount Hermon. The flower grows in bunches with bright red petals and black stamen. It blossoms every year from March to May.
Persian Cyclamen
This flower is native to Israel, Jordan and Southern Turkey. It can also be found in Algeria and Tunisia as well as the Greek Islands of Crete, Rhodes and Karpathos. The flower has five twisted petals, which can be white or pink. It is the parent species of the cultivated cyclamen. The flower blooms from winter to spring.
Shepherd's Purse
The flower got its name due to its purse-like pods. It is native to Asia Minor as well as eastern Europe. The flower is white in color and has four petals. Unlike many other flowers, it grows throughout the year. The flower has medicinal value and is used for to stop bleeding. It is also made into an ointment, which can be applied on cuts and wounds.
There are numerous other flower varieties found in Israel. One can also find different varieties of roses, daisies and Irises in the country.

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